Virgel Manzona "virge" Howell (Oct 6, 1877 - May 29, 1968)

Born on Oct 6, 1877 to Marion Jackson "jack" Howell and Francis Caroline "fannie" Hames Howell. Virgel Manzona "virge" Howell passed away on May 29, 1968, at the age of 90 and was buried in Garden Of Memories in Elkhart, Texas, United States. Virgel Manzona "virge" Howell was married to Mary Exa Wynne Howell and had 8 children: Roy Birdell Howell, Ottie Travis Howell, Sr, Luther Durwood "duke" Howell, Sr, Arnold Milton "jack" Howell, Eldred Harold "bill" Howell, Olen Jackson "dixie" Howell, Herschell Alvis Howell, Sr, Virgil Carson Howell.

Ancestry US
Ancestry US

Where is Virgel Manzona "virge" Howell buried?

Memorial Change Request
Elkhart, TX
(903) 764-2024

When did Virgel Manzona "virge" Howell pass away?

Death date
May 29, 1968
Palestine, TX

How old was Virgel Manzona "virge" Howell when died?

Birth date
Oct 6, 1877

Who is else Buried at Garden Of Memories in Texas?