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Born on Dec 5, 1851 Thomas Conine passed away on Aug 23, 1895, at the age of 43 and was buried in Fender Cemetery in Lakeland, GA. Thomas Conine was married to Mary T. Baucom Conine and had 1 children: Thomas Clyde Conine, Jr.

Dec 5, 1851
Aug 23, 1895 (aged 43)
Burial place:
Fender Cemetery
Lakeland, GA

Passed away Relatives of Thomas Conine


18591933 (aged 74)
Burial place:
Lakeland, GA


18841938 (aged 53)
Birth place:
Homerville, GA
Burial place:
Homerville, GA

Who is Else Buried at Fender Cemetery in Georgia

18121880 (aged 68)
Died 1865
Birth place:
South Carolina
18611946 (aged 84)
18661922 (aged 56)
Birth place:
Born 1909
18901956 (aged 66)
19051990 (aged 85)

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When was Thomas Conine born?

Thomas Conine was born on December 5, 1851

When did is Thomas Conine pass away?

Thomas Conine passed away in August 23, 1895

Where is Thomas Conine buried?

Thomas Conine is interred in Lakeland, GA

At what age did Thomas Conine pass away?

Thomas Conine passed away at the age of 43