Robert Morrow "r.m." Masterson (Apr 29, 1829 - Mar 29, 1895)

Born on Apr 29, 1829 to Lazareth Masterson and Elizabeth "betsy" Givens Masterson. Robert Morrow "r.m." Masterson passed away on Mar 29, 1895, at the age of 65 and was buried in Gillespie Cemetery in Eugene, Oregon, United States. Robert Morrow "r.m." Masterson was married to Nellie Jackson Graham Gillespie Masterson and had 9 children: Indora Elizabeth Masterson Fisher, Millie B. Masterson Blanton, Chloe L. Masterson, Evan Holmes Masterson, Nellie Lee Masterson, Ella Masterson Baker, Custis Masterson, Marcellus Givens Masterson, Marie E. Masterson.

Ancestry US
Ancestry US

Where is Robert Morrow "r.m." Masterson buried?

Memorial Change Request
7; Grave 5.

When did Robert Morrow "r.m." Masterson pass away?

Death date
Mar 29, 1895
Eugene, OR

How old was Robert Morrow "r.m." Masterson when died?

Birth date
Apr 29, 1829

Who is else Buried at Gillespie Cemetery in Oregon?