Mary Matilda Spell 18591915

Born on Dec 6, 1859 Mary Matilda Spell passed away on Jan 27, 1915, at the age of 55 and was buried in Fender Cemetery in Lakeland, GA. Mary Matilda Spell was married to George Spell and had 1 children: Joseph John "joe" Spell.

Dec 6, 1859
Jan 27, 1915 (aged 55)
Burial place:
Fender Cemetery
Lakeland, GA

Passed away Relatives of Mary Matilda Spell


18501936 (aged 86)
Burial place:
Lakeland, GA


18951961 (aged 65)
Birth place:
Burial place:
Pauline Ave, Ray City, GA

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When was Mary Matilda Spell born?

Mary Spell was born on December 6, 1859

When did is Mary Matilda Spell pass away?

Mary Spell passed away in January 27, 1915

Where is Mary Matilda Spell buried?

Mary Spell is interred in Lakeland, GA

At what age did Mary Matilda Spell pass away?

Mary Spell passed away at the age of 55