John Briscoe, Jr (Feb 10, 1810 - Dec 17, 1894)

Born on Feb 10, 1810 to John Briscoe, Sr and Jane Delashmett Briscoe. John Briscoe, Jr passed away on Dec 17, 1894, at the age of 84 and was buried in Salem Cemetery in Madisonville, Missouri, United States. John Briscoe, Jr was married to Martha Ann Hays Briscoe and had 1 children: Thad A Briscoe.

Ancestry US
Ancestry US

Where is John Briscoe, Jr buried?

Memorial Change Request
Center, MO

When did John Briscoe, Jr pass away?

Death date
Dec 17, 1894

How old was John Briscoe, Jr when died?

Birth date
Feb 10, 1810

Who is else Buried at Salem Cemetery in Missouri?