Gail William Sizemore (Apr 22, 1906 - Sep 1, 1991)

Born on Apr 22, 1906 to George Washington Sizemore and Pollie Paulina Bachman Sizemore. Gail William Sizemore passed away on Sep 1, 1991, at the age of 85 and was buried in Morelock Cemetery in Martinstown, Missouri, United States. Gail William Sizemore was married to Ruth Alma Jones Sizemore and had 4 children: George Levi Sizemore, David Eugene Sizemore, John Robert Sizemore, Walter Dean Sizemore.

Ancestry US
Ancestry US

Where is Gail William Sizemore buried?

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When did Gail William Sizemore pass away?

Death date
Sep 1, 1991
Kirksville, MO

How old was Gail William Sizemore when died?

Birth date
Apr 22, 1906
Stahl, MO

Who is else Buried at Morelock Cemetery in Missouri?