Elizabeth Kinsey 18101897

Born on Jan 6, 1810 Elizabeth Kinsey passed away on Mar 12, 1897, at the age of 87 and was buried in Ginder-Kinsey-Stauffer Cemetery in Lancaster County, PA. Elizabeth Kinsey was married to John Ebersole.

Jan 6, 1810
Mar 12, 1897 (aged 87)
Burial place:
Ginder-Kinsey-Stauffer Cemetery

Passed away Relatives of Elizabeth Kinsey


Died 1871
Burial place:
Mastersonville, PA

Who is Else Buried at Ginder-Kinsey-Stauffer Cemetery in Pennsylvania

Died 1837
Birth place:
Mastersonville, PA
18271861 (aged 33)
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Mastersonville, PA
18721874 (aged 1)
18011869 (aged 68)
Birth place:
Mastersonville, PA
18401865 (aged 25)
18211908 (aged 86)
18361850 (aged 13)
Birth place:
Mastersonville, PA

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When was Elizabeth Kinsey born?

Elizabeth Kinsey was born on January 6, 1810

When did is Elizabeth Kinsey pass away?

Elizabeth Kinsey passed away in March 12, 1897

Where is Elizabeth Kinsey buried?

Elizabeth Kinsey is interred in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

At what age did Elizabeth Kinsey pass away?

Elizabeth Kinsey passed away at the age of 87