Doris Lorene Clark 19321999

Born on Jul 22, 1932 to Frederick Crench Clark and Alma Burneita Shulse Clark. Doris Lorene Clark passed away on Apr 26, 1999, at the age of 66 and was buried in Olivet Cemetery in Madisonville, MO.

Jul 22, 1932
Apr 26, 1999 (aged 66)
Burial place:
Olivet Cemetery
Center, MO

Passed away Relatives of Doris Lorene Clark


19061972 (aged 65)
Burial place:
19132003 (aged 89)
Burial place:
Center, MO

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Granite City, IL
18951951 (aged 55)
19061987 (aged 81)
18731949 (aged 75)
18701938 (aged 67)
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When was Doris Lorene Clark born?

Doris Clark was born on July 22, 1932

When did is Doris Lorene Clark pass away?

Doris Clark passed away in April 26, 1999

Where is Doris Lorene Clark buried?

Doris Clark is interred in Center, MO

At what age did Doris Lorene Clark pass away?

Doris Clark passed away at the age of 66