Daniel A'hearn 18351920

Born on Jun 5, 1835 Daniel A'hearn passed away on Apr 8, 1920, at the age of 84 and was buried in Ellisville Cemetery in Ellisville, IL. Daniel A'hearn was married to Mary B Weidman A'hearn.

Jun 5, 1835
Apr 8, 1920 (aged 84)
Burial place:
Ellisville Cemetery
Ellisville, IL

Passed away Relatives of Daniel A'hearn


18301898 (aged 67)
Burial place:
Ellisville, IL

Who is Else Buried at Ellisville Cemetery in Illinois

Died 1927
18311884 (aged 53)
Birth place:
18241880 (aged 56)
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Died 1870
Died 1896
19151915 (aged less than a year)
Birth place:
Died 1909

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When was Daniel A'hearn born?

Daniel A'hearn was born on June 5, 1835

When did is Daniel A'hearn pass away?

Daniel A'hearn passed away in April 8, 1920

Where is Daniel A'hearn buried?

Daniel A'hearn is interred in Ellisville, IL

At what age did Daniel A'hearn pass away?

Daniel A'hearn passed away at the age of 84