Rev Erlieu L Carman (Dec 28, 1875 - Feb 7, 1944)

Born on Dec 28, 1875 to Leslie Combs Carman and Louise Bastin Carman. Rev Erlieu L Carman passed away on Feb 7, 1944, at the age of 68 and was buried in Mount Calvary Baptist Church Cemetery in Casey County, Kentucky, United States. Rev Erlieu L Carman was married to Eliza Jane Falconbury Carman and had 4 children: Edna Carman, Ray Carman, Miriam Carman Williams, Sadie Carman Lucas.

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Ancestry US

Where is Rev Erlieu L Carman buried?

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When did Rev Erlieu L Carman pass away?

Death date
Feb 7, 1944
Yosemite, KY

How old was Rev Erlieu L Carman when died?

Birth date
Dec 28, 1875

Who is else Buried at Mount Calvary Baptist Church Cemetery in Kentucky?