Mathias Leif (May 12, 1875 - Feb 11, 1907)

Born on May 12, 1875 to William Leif, Sr. and Margaret Noel Leif. Mathias Leif passed away on Feb 11, 1907, at the age of 31 and was buried in Saint Patricks Catholic Cemetery in Utica, Nebraska, United States. Mathias Leif was married to Margaret Leif and had 1 children: Theresa E Harre.

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Ancestry US

Where is Mathias Leif buried?

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When did Mathias Leif pass away?

Death date
Feb 11, 1907

How old was Mathias Leif when died?

Birth date
May 12, 1875

Who is else Buried at Saint Patricks Catholic Cemetery in Nebraska?