Mary A Ginder 18651870

Born on Apr 4, 1865 Mary A Ginder passed away on Mar 10, 1870, at the age of 4 and was buried in Ginder-Kinsey-Stauffer Cemetery in Lancaster County, PA.

Apr 4, 1865
Mar 10, 1870 (aged 4)
Burial place:
Ginder-Kinsey-Stauffer Cemetery

Who is Else Buried at Ginder-Kinsey-Stauffer Cemetery in Pennsylvania

18391880 (aged 40)
Birth place:
Mastersonville, PA
18441861 (aged 17)
Birth place:
Mastersonville, PA
18511851 (aged less than a year)
18611865 (aged 4)
18191889 (aged 69)
Died 1848
18331834 (aged less than a year)
Birth place:
Mastersonville, PA

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When was Mary A Ginder born?

Mary Ginder was born on April 4, 1865

When did is Mary A Ginder pass away?

Mary Ginder passed away in March 10, 1870

Where is Mary A Ginder buried?

Mary Ginder is interred in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

At what age did Mary A Ginder pass away?

Mary Ginder passed away at the age of 4