Joseph B Tomlinson (Jul 15, 1854 - Feb 14, 1912)

Born on Jul 15, 1854 to Sherrod Tomlinson and Sarah Ann Burkhalter Tomlinson. Joseph B Tomlinson passed away on Feb 14, 1912, at the age of 57 and was buried in Fender Cemetery in Lakeland, Georgia, United States. Joseph B Tomlinson was married to Lucretia Kirkland Smith, Lillian "lillie" Smith Tomlinson and had 3 children: Willie Tomlinson, Josiah S "joe" Tomlinson, Mattie Bell Tomlinson Richardson.

Ancestry US
Ancestry US

Where is Joseph B Tomlinson buried?

Memorial Change Request
Lakeland, GA

When did Joseph B Tomlinson pass away?

Death date
Feb 14, 1912

How old was Joseph B Tomlinson when died?

Birth date
Jul 15, 1854

Who is else Buried at Fender Cemetery in Georgia?