Clifford E. Addis 18751963

Born on 1875 Clifford E. Addis passed away on 1963, at the age of 88 and was buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetery in Newark, NJ. Clifford E. Addis was married to Nellie Squires Addis and had 1 children: Carrol Addis Baxter.

1963 (aged 88)
Burial place:
Mount Pleasant Cemetery
375 Broadway, Newark, NJ

Phone: (973) 483-0288

Passed away Relatives of Clifford E. Addis


18841972 (aged 88)
Burial place:
375 Broadway, Newark, NJ


19152015 (aged 100)
Birth place:
Newark, NJ
Burial place:
New London, NH

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When was Clifford E. Addis born?

Clifford Addis was born on 1875

When did is Clifford E. Addis pass away?

Clifford Addis passed away in 1963

Where is Clifford E. Addis buried?

Clifford Addis is interred in 375 Broadway, Newark, NJ

At what age did Clifford E. Addis pass away?

Clifford Addis passed away at the age of 88