Confederate Cemetery, Alton, Madison County, Illinois

Total burial records: 1487
Ancestry US
Ancestry US

Confederate Cemetery map address, GPS coordinates and phone number

Also known as
Military Burial Grounds for Alt
Rozier St North, Alton, IL
GPS coordinates
Latitude: 38.9175, Longitude: -90.1953
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How many burial records provide People Legacy for Confederate Cemetery?

Our database contains 1487 records of burials for Confederate Cemetery in Alton, Illinois for ancestry, family history, and genealogy research

What information you provide for Confederate Cemetery?

We offer detailed information about Confederate Cemetery, including the list of burial records, location, interactive map address, GPS coordinates

Can you provide details for multiple cemeteries in Alton, Illinois?

Yes, People Legacy provides information about all cemeteries in the Illinois, United States. On this page, you can also find information about cemeteries located near the Confederate Cemetery